Brad Lowe
Wavefront Accelerator Architect – has 20+ years management  experience at Nokia, Redback Networks, Abaits and MDA

Stephane Bourque
President and Chief Executive Officer of Incognito Software, a global provider of broadband software provisioning and activation solutions that help monetize IP based subscriber and commercial services.

Dr. Rizwan Kheraj
NRC-IRAP – has assisted over 500 early-stage ICT SME companies.

Perry Guan
Business Advisor at NRC and Director of three foundations – has 20+ experience in the telecommunication industry

Dr. Paul Cubbon
Marketing Professor of the University of British Columbia

Dr. Peter Payne
25+ years of experience in Life Science Sector

Sandra Wear 
She specializes in helping companies maximize shareholder value and the probability of a successful exit.

Dr. Jean-Paul Collet
Professor and Associate Head Research Department of Pediatrics of the University of British Columbia and Researcher at BC Children’s Hospital