Marking your SmartPhone Smarter

Enhance your smartphone’s capabilities with the reflex USB Breathalyzer. Instantly measure breath alcohol content, ensuring safety on the go. Connect, test, and stay informed for smarter decisions anytime, anywhere.

Download the free “Smart Sense BAC Breathalyzer” mobile app now from the Apple or Google Play app store now.


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@reflex.wireless The USB breathalyzer is a handy device for monitoring alcohol levels. Simply blow into it, and it connects to your device for instant analysis, promoting responsible drinking habits. #breathalyzer ♬ original sound – reflex wireless

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Easy to Operate

1. Connect the USB Breathalyzer to the charging port of your smartphone.
2. Launch the Smart Sense Breathalyzer app.
3. Initiate the device warm-up by pressing the Start button.
4. Adhere to the app’s instructions and exhale into the air intake hole of the device.
5. View the breath alcohol test result promptly within the app.

Ultra Portable

The dimensions of the alcohol detector are 5.3 x 3.5 x 0.9cm, and it weighs approximately 8.6g.

Its stylish design doesn’t resemble an alcohol tester, so it won’t be obtrusive even when placed in a chest pocket or pants pocket.

Wide-Ranging Applications

The USB alcohol checker can be utilized in various applications.

In business settings, it can be used by transportation companies, railway operators, maritime and aviation industries, and more. In these sectors, regular alcohol testing is necessary to ensure that employees and drivers are not under the influence of alcohol. By using the USB alcohol checker, it’s possible to quickly and easily measure the alcohol concentration of employees.

In general households, it can be used to understand alcohol consumption levels before parties or gatherings. Additionally, it’s important to measure one’s alcohol concentration before driving after consuming alcohol. With the USB alcohol checker, it’s convenient to check alcohol concentration levels at home.


In the box:
1x USB Breathalyzer (powered by SmartPhone)
1x type-c adapter for iPhone

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices.

*Shipping & Handling cost remains fixed up to 10 units.


Smart Sense BAC Breathalyzer

Press to download the Smart Sense Breathalyzer app.

Technical Specifications:
– 0~ 0.19 BAC %
– units: BAC%, mg/L, mg/100ml
– power source: 5V, 300mA

Add a customized IMAGE or MESSAGE

Customers can unlock the feature to add custom messages to the Smart Sense Breathalyzer app during sensor warm-up by opting for a small fee. Just need to email us the personalized image and device serial number, we can enable tailored image during the testing process. As shown below:

The Sponsor space accepts image (jpg or png), animated Gif or video which are linked uniquely to each USB Breathalyzer.

Each USB Breathalyzer includes a personalized message or image comes at no extra cost. Yet, there will be a nominal fee for altering the message or image for each individual device.

For further assistance, please contact us at

Order in Bulk

If you would like to make a volume purchase, please email us at The minimum volume order is only 10 units.

The USB Breathalyzer is NOT an evidential breath analyzer, and is for personal use only. Do not use the device for medical applications. The device does not produce test results that diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases for health condition.