ReFleX Wireless, a leader in providing Tele-Health solutions, successfully showcased its wireless medical device and eVitalsTM patient portal at the ceremony of the 40th Anniversary of Kluaynamthai Hospital Group.


With the assistance of the BC Ministry of International Trade and Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development, ReFleX Wireless was connected with the management of Kluaynamthai (KNT) Hospital Group during the BC ICT Trade mission in June 2013. KNT was impressed with ReFleX’s Tele-Health solutions, and requested a paid trial to be conducted at the beginning of October 2013. 


At the request of KNT, ReFleX recently showcased its eVitalsTM patient portal and AQWave HeartRhythm mobile application at the opening ceremony of KNT’s Geriatric Care Centre and its 40th Anniversary, which took place on Friday, July 26. This was an important opportunity for ReFleX Wireless, as the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, the Bangkok Governor, and Ambassadors of some of the middle-east countries were among the audience at the ceremony. We are happy to report that the demonstration was as a success. According to Khun Sranyoo, CEO of KNT: “Everything went very well. Our guests were very impressed. We shall proceed with the real implementation as soon as possible.”


The eVitalsTM monitoring service will be introduced to KNT’s remote patients via its Geriatric and Stroke Centres as part of the KNT Virtual Hospital Strategy.


ReFleX Wireless will be looking forward to making the Canadian Tele-Health Solutions to its partners in Southeast Asia in the coming years.


Poster image provided by Kluaynamthai Hospital

ReFleX Wireless starts offering Tele-Health Service in Thailand